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Road trip!!!

Hi everybody and welcome to our website. This site will be a log of our trip around North America over the next 2+ years, starting in summer of 2013.

For those of you who do not know us, we are the Dietrich family! A nice little mix of nationalities who have one little problem... the inablility to do anything normal ;-) White picket fences... blah!!

So who are we? Well there's me, Craig (the dad). Just turned 40 (ouch!!), born and bred Australian. I left Oz in January 1996 (for a three-week-vaction in Europe and haven't made it back yet...). Settled in Switzerland where I met my beautiful trouble and strife.

Ina (the mom). Been 29 for a while now. Born in Germany, immigrated to Switzerland when she was 3.

Amy (daughter #1). Age 7 (already acting like 14), born in Switzerland. Just about to complete the 1st grade.

Lia (daughter #2). Age 2, born in lovely Canada.

We moved to Ottawa, Canada, in 2006, and have been here ever since... As much as we love it here, there is so much to see and never enough time. We got sick of flying everywhere and missing everything in between. So we decided to take the show on the road for a couple of years... we would love to say it will be one big holiday, but the simple truth is, we cannot afford to take that much time off work. So the plan is to work our way around North America, short term contracts or engagements and that sort of thing is what we are hoping to do. So if anyone out there needs an IT professional.... (look me up on linkedin).

This site is a work in progress (i'm NOT a web devopler), but I have included so far a Map that we plan to update with pushpins of visited locations as well as our current location, a Gallery page to post our photos and a Blog, which I'm hoping I'll be able to start blogging something of interest. There is also a Guestbook that we hope you will all sign!

Stay tuned for updates!


May 2013


Blacktop = asphalt concrete, a composite material commonly used for construction of pavement, highways

4 = Craig, Ina, Amy & Lia