And it begins!!!

Damm. I wanted to upload an image of our route thus far. But of course everything is copyrighted! Don't want to get into trouble.. I'll keep looking into it.

That aside..... we finally started our trip!!! wo-ho!

We left Ottawa yesterday, got off to a bit of a late start. First problem, TO MUCH STUFF!!! I'm sure I'm going to find a kitchen sink in one of these boxes! To many things that everybody couldn't live without (and I guess I just as guilty).. Second problem, the bloody cat decided to go AWOL! We were meant to meet friends for Breakfast and Jonny Caunks on Trim Rd in Orleans at 9:30, the neighbours ended up taking the wife and kids (I was still stuffing the trailer like a Christmas turkey) to the restaurant. By 10:30 I had given up trying to find the cat and left. Before anybody thinks we/I just abandoned the cat don't worry she is safely with us now (missed my chance to ditch about 1/2 ton of the cat's belongings). And I finally made it to breakfast around 11'ish.

It was great to see everybody who showed up to see us off, considering the number of leaving dinners and drinks over the past several months everybody has attended... I guess they wanted to make sure we actually left this time.

So west on 17 we went (North if your Canadian, never really understood that one). Day 1 was all very uneventful, made it to Sudbury Ontario early evening and spent a lovely night in the Walmart parking. Yes Walmart, that’s what I said. It’s a great place to stay when just overnighting it, particularly with the size of our rig. Day 2, got off to an easy start we were in no rush it was only 3 hours to our first real destination and it was approx 11am before we hit the road. In truth I think it was when a couple of police cruisers turned up in the Walmart parking area and started taking photos of our setup that we thought it was really time to get going :-0

Arrived in Sault Ste Marie mid-afternoon and installed ourselves at the KOA campground. Still all pretty simple, with only one real screw-up. And yes it was mine! I, somehow, book a site without a sewer hookup. Don't ask me how I did it I just did. So no 20minute showers in the privacy of our own camper this week (wife's not happy).

But Bill the manager or owner or both, not really sure, here at the campsite has been very helpful at getting us installed. We can't complain its nice and quiet. Got our 50amp hookup and wifi so 3/4 of the way there. Next time I'll get it right.

Well I do have lots more to tell you all about, like my new job I started last week, but I just feel asleep between this and the last paragraph so I'm going to go crawl into bed. I'll update date you all on that and more in the next day or two.

Oh yeah, the cat! How’d I forget to finish that one. A couple of our friends who were at the restaurant for breakfast with us and stopped by our house on their way home as one of them had never seen it. Anyway as they drove up the driveway there was Snafu (the cat) just sitting there. They promptly bundled her into her cage that I had conveniently left in the driveway and headed back to the restaurant. Thank you Nick and Julie!!!!



Loading late into the night Friday July 5.



Waiting to be loaded...



Outside Jonny Caunks July 6, 2013



What happens when one overnights it at a Walmart....



KOA Campground Sault Ste Marie. July 7 2013

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