At another Walmart...

Well we left South Dakota today, got off to a late start and for once I'm not going to blame the misses.

The plan was a 7am up and a 9am departure. Well I finally got my head off the pillow about 8'ish. Got everything squared away for about 10'ish pulled out of our site and prepared to load the bikes and car... that’s when it all went to the dogs. My life gate jammed again and in the process of freeing it I flatten the batteries that run it. I have a feeling that there’s more to it (like the batteries are rs) but I figure that out sometime this week....

So we are currently heading north back towards Canada. The rough plan is to make a break for Alaska before it gets to cold. We should be (will be) in Regina, SK tomorrow or perhaps a little further (its only 200miles up the road). So over the next couple of week we are thinking of probably doing several hundred kilometers every afternoon/evening, as soon as I finish work. With the option of hanging out for an extra day or two if something looks interesting.

So tonight I site in another Wal-Mart parking lot, the kids are in bed the wife’s taking a shower... quiet, nice. After been in the rig all day with two young kids and a wife who at times was a little, mmm trying to think of a nice'ish way of saying this, pissed cranky annoyed normal upset frustrated... you get the idea!, it’s nice to sit in piece for a bit. And of course as I say that some idiot with the loudest fan belt in the world just decide to pull up next to us....

We took the kids horse riding yesterday afternoon, but I am so glad we only did an hour tour. It’s been approx. 13 years since I last rode and the knees were letting know that by the end of that hour!! I gonna miss the Black Hills it was a really nice place. But I'm sure there'll be plenty more nice places to come. Unfortunately I have will not be putting any new photos up tonight but will do so sometime in the next couple of days. If you have been keeping up with our galleries, you would have seen that we visited Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Devil’s Tower was the United States first National Monument, it really is something to be seen, it doesn’t look real. And no we didn’t see any aliens (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, you are probably too young..)

Interesting place where we are now, this whole North West region of North Dakota is going through a big oil boom. There are oil pumps, makeshift housing and RV parks just for workers everywhere. There are so many trucks (Oil tankers and drilling rigs everywhere that they are (and I don't think by choice) having to redo all the roads around here, all very interesting stuff. But unfortunately it has turned what looked like a beautiful farming area into a mess, but oil is money...

I'm sure the local community is loving and hating this find equally, on one hand there is a lot of money to be made. There are shops and hotels going up everywhere. But along with all that are the workers who are here, thousands of single men from all over descending on these small towns to make a living.

It’s sad but everywhere we stopped, rest area, gas station, etc, etc there was trash. Trash everywhere. I sure it wasn't like that before the oil boom.

I was talking to a fellow traveller earlier and he said that Williston is the fastest growing town currently in the US.

Well time to get a little shut eye.

….and for those of you wondering about the alien comment ->

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