Bang goes the clutch

Ok so we have now had our first mechanical problem of the trip.. Looks like we have blown a clutch! Joy, this happened Friday evening just south of Fox Creek, Alberta. So after spending several hours stuck on the side of the road we finally got a tow to Grande Prairie, Alberta. We unloaded the car and the wife and kids went on ahead and stayed in a hotel for the night. I didn't get into town till around 1am in the morning, it was after well after 2am before we got Moya into the campground. Now nobody wants to know how much a tow for something our size costs, less to say it hurt… a lot!!! I’m still waiting to hear how much to get Pete fixed… oh well sh^t happens…


So we will be hanging out here for a week or so. At least we were able to get a nice enough place to stay.

After we left Regina we made our way to Edmonton, Alberta where we hang out for a few days. Nice enough place. They have a really nice setup down town with a water feature out front of (I believe) the city hall. And they allow kids (adults to I guess) to play in it, pretty cool to see the girls had a ball playing in the water for a couple of hours.

It was nice to finally leave the prairies and start into the some hilly country absolutely beautiful scenery. What was/is surprising is the number of seasonal workers there are up here. In both Edmonton and here in Grande Prairie the RV parks are full of seasonal workers here to work the oil fields. And it looks like its compulsory to own a pickup truck if you live up here!! Funny to see, it’s almost a 80/20 pickup truck to car ratio up here.

So it’s a short one today, only because we haven’t really done that much of interest! With any luck well be back on the road this coming weekend and back on our way to Alaska. Its already noticeable the temperature change, the evening are starting to get a bit on the cool side of things. The days are still nice. Hopefully the temperature will hold until get in and out of the north.

I’m somewhat distracted while writing this, my kids are watching Skippy. This is an Australian show about a kangaroo its from the late 60’s early 70’s, it was a show that I used to watch when I was a kid! Several years ago I found the first season which I got for nostalgia reasons now my kids are watching it! I think they have watched about 5 episodes just today, I think it’s time to kick them outside…

“Whats that skip?” “Ttt ttt tttt” “What Sonny’s fallen down a well and he can’t climb out!” “Ttt ttt ttt” “Whats that skip he’s also twisted his angle!!” If you’re Australian you’ll know what that was all about!!! ;-)

I guess I should get back to work.

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