Moving right along… We have made it Edmonton and the plan seems to be working just fine so far (the heading to Alaska plan).

Getting out of North Dakota was…… tiring. From Williston to about 6km’s from the Canadian border about 95% of the roads were in various staging of been resurfaced, widened, re-routed and so on. It was sloooow going. Much of the roads (if you could even call them that) we transversed we nothing better then fire trails. And with a trailer with less then 12inchs of clearance……

It was so nice to finally arrive at the Canadian border. As much as it is nice to be tripping around in the US crossing into the US can be bit of a challenge at times. Most of the US border people (not all) are a wee bit on the unfriendly side, only slight god syndrome issues ;-) As were most of the Canadian guys are super friendly, like the one how greeted us when we crossed back over into SK. There is a great photo of us at the border in the In Transit gallery. It was funny I ask first if it was OK to take the photo,to which his reply was “Of course!!, just don’t take any photos of the US side that will send them into a panic”.

A couple more hours and we were in Regina Saskatchewan (or be it about 12km’s outside in a small town call White City). The stupid GPS, which is a truck gps, meaning it is setup especially for big rigs and takes into account weight, height, length and any other possible restrictions when do the routing, but us on a road that had a 8ton restriction on it. So I had to detour, and eventualy ended up on a dirt road. Not a prob, had done much offroading that day in North Dakota. The dirt road was about 30km’s long. About a 1km into it I noticed the dust pluom that was following us and I know straight away that the we were going to have an RV full of dust. And it was!! The road dust was so fine that it got into everything. The garages were the worst since they are not completely seeled due to the lift gate (the rear door that is also the lift to lift the car and bikes into the trailer), and of course have always left the windows down on the car when it is loaded. So the car was also full of dust. And this dust sticks to everything, you need to wipe/clean everything several times to get rid of it, I think we will still be getting rid of the dust for many more weeks to come.

Its been amazing to see the different landscapes as we have been travelling I am so glad we are doing this trip.

We spent a couple of days in Regina but didn’t really get out of the RV park. The wife and kids were happy to spend the day at the pool. They need to get out today and do some supply shopping! Me man, me need meat!!!



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