Going backwards & the Devil

Quiet week still, looks forward to moving on… there are many great places to visit (and Wisconsin isn’t really that high on the list…).

I/we have mixed feeling about tomorrow when we hit the road again. Mixed about having to return to Ottawa, kind of feels like we are going backwards! We haven’t really gone anywhere yet and already we are returning to the beginning.. but… its all for a good cause! In less than a week Ina, Amy and I will officially be Canucks (Lia already is).

So with the exception of Ina, The kids and I will be tri-nationalities – Australian, Swiss and Canadian. Ina dual with Swiss and Canadian. Pretty cool eh!

au.png ch.png ca.png

So the wife and kids have had a fun week of swimming, biking and generally doing the stuff that we’d all love to be doing instead of working..  I’ve been doing fun things like, fixing showers, door latches, windshield wipers, headlights… I think the fun’est thing I did this week was ride and hour to buy a couple of new cell phones, oh the excitement!!

Last Sunday we visited Devil’s Lake with our friends from Sun Prairie (Dan and daughters). We had a great day with a lovely hike up a hill and down the other side. Absolutely beautiful!

See our gallery for a few of the photos taken:  Devil's Lake


I’ve been tring to update this site when I can, my blogs are slowly going along hasn’t been a great deal to write about so far this should change. I’m trying to do a new entry every 2-4 days really depends on what’s going on. I did add a RSS feed to the blog section to make it easier for people to follow along without having to check the site all the time.  (Don’t know what an RSS feed is: go here to learn). Outlook has a RSS reader built in as do several other email programs, Apple and android has lots of free reader’s available.

I’ve made some changes to the Maps page with adding the ‘chessey map’. I’m thinking about dropping the pushpin map, or maybe moving it to the gallery page.

I also added a new section call ‘Craig's Camp Ground review’ where I just logging stuff about the campgrounds we stay at. I don’t know if it’ll be of any use to anybody except myself, but it’s there.

We are going to try the early start bit again tomorrow; we’ll see how it goes this time. The planned leave time is 5am…. I should be taking bets as to the probability of this actually happening!!

Next update will probably be early next week once we are back in Ottawa.


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