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Another nice quiet week.. Hot'er the hell!!!!! Holy moly we have gone from rain rain rain to just bloody hot and humid!! I really can't wait to go south! but that won't be for a while.

We have had to make a small change to our trip, for a good reason, its back to Ottawa for a week. Why? Well about a year ago we decided to apply for Canadian citizenship. About 7weeks ago Ina and I sat the exam.... They told us it would take at least 3 months to find out if we passed, well we got the letter in the mail yesterday.... and we passed!!!! (New we did, it was so easy) So they have told us to show up in Ottawa on July 30th, 9am to be sworn in as Canadians!! Yeah! Now as much as we want to go through with this the timing was sooner than we anticipated. In the letter they tell you if you are unable to attend, or don't want to, to call the service center.. Problem: you can only call this number from within Canada! and there is NO other number to call. One of our friends even called the service center to find out how we could get through, they told him we could sent a fax (there’s no fax number published to send to) or letter. I really wanted to find out what our options were sooner than that, I was hoping that we could just do the swearing in in another city like Saskatchewan or Edmonton since our plan had us heading north after Spearfish.

So after calling the Canadian Embassy in DC and getting an answering service that went nowhere (tried several times) and trying to call the service center with skype and at the same time several friends of ours who work for the Canadian government trying to find alternate phone numbers I ended up having a friend in Ottawa conference me into a 3way call...

Finally!! I had already spent several hours trying to get through. The lady I finally spoke to was confused as to why I would take a vacation (that’s what I told her as to why we were out of the country) with an application in process? Sorry didn’t realize I had to stop living until I heard something from them (from past experience with work permits and permanent residency things normally took years, not weeks…)! Long story short we would need to write a letter explaining why we cannot attend on the given date and request a new date. We would then be sent a new letter with a new date (and this could be 6+ months away) and except the same lead time (e.g 12day or even less). Ottawa here we come!!

I was able to change our reservation in Spearfish SD out a week so we are still good there, it just means we need to go backwards so we can go forwards, all good!

Yesterday Ina and the girls (and me later in the day) went to La Crosse, WI to visit the ‘Children's Museum of La Crosse’ they had a ball. So much so they had planned on going back there today. That didn’t happen, maybe next week.


Now here’s something I learnt yesterday, the Mississippi river starts in northern Minnesota. I never knew it went this far north.

So the town of La Crosse is on the banks of the Mississippi (thank you spell checker) river. We had dinner at a great restaurant (don’t remember the name) overlooking the river and took a nice stroll along its banks in one of  La Crosse’s nicely presented parks. Great day had by all.

The plan was to take a river cruise on the Mississippi tonight at 7, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.. the wife and kids are currently in the pool and it’s so hot again nobody really feels like doing much more than that.

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