Mt Rushmore

Wow... what a busy week!!! It’s been a while since my last post, my apologies.

Where do I start.. Well the trip back to Ottawa was uneventful. We parked ourselves back in the driveway of our house (I had booked a campsite until the wife reminded me that we still owned a house there). We got back around noon on Sunday, and of course it was raining. I was told by several people that it hadn't rained in three weeks, looks like it only rains in Ottawa when we are there!

Tuesday: the big day! Yes we are now Canadian!!!! Tuesday morning Ina, Amy and myself toke the oath making us Canadian citizens. It still feels strange to even say it... we are Canadians, I don’t think anybody believes us ;-)


Wednesday I had to fly to Toronto for work. We were hoping (I was hoping) to leave on Thursday, the plan was to submit our applications for me Canadian passports on Thursday with the hope of picking them up from the Canadian consult in Minneapolis… but one cannot do this. So we had to what till Friday for our passports (which was pretty good) before we could hit the road… 3000k’s I need to do by Sunday. Easy one might say!!! Not when you are driving to commercial truck rules, which I do just in case, my rig in registered commercial but I’m pulling an RV its one of those grey areas that’s up to the interpretation of a whomever decides to take an interest (eg police or weight station etc etc). So I’m limited to 10 hours a day of driving time. Again another uneventful trip arriving Sunday evening, nice.


This little corner of South Dakota is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it here, we could easily hang out here for several more weeks if there wasn’t so much more to see and do…

First there’s the campsite we are at…. NICE!!! Very clean, new, lots of space, all the amenities etc etc. Then there’s the Bad Lands, lovely valley’s and hills… The wife and kids have been out almost every day so far visiting parks and caves, seeing the sites. We did a family trip to Mount Rushmore Sunday before last, a truly amazing monument. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much… You see it on TV and in movies but it always looked… well small, but its huge!! Quiet a piece of artwork, anybody reading this who has never been put it on your bucket list.

A mate, Denis, flow in to visit on Thursday, not so much to visit me, but by to go to Sturgis 2013 Motorcycle rally. Luckily I have two motorcycles!! We did about 300miles through the Bad Lands (only got pulled over once for speeding, got a warning) and had the one or two quiet beers whilst taking in Sturgis’s nightlife ;-)


Denis left Sunday from Rapid City, wife had to take him… I wasn’t really fit enough to drive.

….and its back to work today….

I really thought I had more to write about!!! It’s been two weeks since my last post, I thinking that is a little long to remember the little details. I’ll try harder…

So the plan, as of today,  is to leave here this coming Sunday and make our way direction Regina SK. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll add a few more photo’s tonight in the Gallery. And update you all in a couple of days.



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