Rain rain go away...

OK.. been making a few updates to the site. I managed to add a map showing our route, unfortunately for now it’s a separate map from the one that I have the pushpins in. One day I'll figure out how to get them as one map, but hey I got time.

So far it's been a relatively quite week. We have a lot of sorting and repacking to do, but after the last couple of months I’m not really in the mood! I'll do it next week when we are in Oakdale WI. That and trying to work has kept me busy enough for now.

Work! yes I hinted at that in my last post. Starting last Tuesday (Monday was Canada Day, can't work on that day ;-). I started work for a telco company based out of England and Switzerland - Horizon Globex - as there North American Regional Specialist. Since all I need is an internet connection to do this I can pretty much work from anywhere, bonus!! Some of the down sides are that I now need to be relatively stationary from Monday to Friday and have good internet access. But the up sides far out way.... Work from almost anywhere. I still get time off for good behaviour (4 weeks vacation p/a) and I'm getting paid while I see this great continent.

Now if I can just figure out how to get time off from the wife ;-)



Bill (owner/manager) here at the campground was nice enough to go and post a few pic’s of our setup up on an RV forum (RVNetwork) which in turn has significantly increased the traffic through our website. Now I really feel the need to improve what I've done so far (which isn't much)..

The wife and kids are heading off for a scenic train trip on Thursday which looks really interesting. Its the 'Agawa Canyon Train Tour' I'd love to go, but somebodies got to make some money.. next time. With any luck they take some nice pic's (which I'll post here).

Looks like its about to rain, again. I'd better get some more work done so I can sit back and have a nice cold one.

Almost forgot.. The next stop: Oakdale, Wisconsin. Why there? Well we needed to find somewhere between here and Spearfish, South Dakota (which is the stop after, just happens to be only 30k's from Sturgis and coincidently the same time as the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. So the plan is to hang out for a couple of week in Oakdale do a repack of Moya and a few running repairs and a couple of changes, also visit with some friends in Madison WI that we haven’t seen for a while.


Stay tuned


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