There's going to be a big mess!!

OK a fun weekend was had by all. I sent all of Friday afternoon and evening packing up camp so we could get an early start on Saturday morning, I was planning for a 8am’ish get away. Well that didn’t work… 11am, grrrr. Something we have to work on, a lot!!!

So a quick 10 minute drive to the bridge that takes us over to the US, 35minutes on the bridge in traffic to get to the US customs…. And then the fun begins! It actually sounds worse than it was, I can imagine how it must look. We turn up with our little camper in tow behind what looks like a commercial highway tractor (which it is), but wait the tractors doesn’t have the usual markings on the side (tax’s stickers, dot number, etc, etc) and there are three Swiss people and one little Canadian on board and the Swiss guy driving has an Australian ascent and is babbling something about this all been an RV!! Yeh I’d be a little suspect to. So 1:30pm we are back on the road, my plan had us at this point around the 9am mark.

Well we drive a whopping 500meters to the Michigan welcome center so we can clean the cat who, as usual, had made a mess of herself… I hope this is explanation enough.

The rest of the drive was quite pleasant, with one exception. Nearly ended up with a Honda CRV as a hood ornament.  We are travelling along US2 the car in question passes me in a overtaking stretch on the incline of  a hill, lanes merge at the top I‘m doing 55mph (was all the way up) and we start down the other side. Of course this car had sped up to pass me and had now back down to just under 55… I back off because I’m now catching up to them rather quickly. Then half way down the hill maybe approx. 300 feet in front of me brake lights and left turn signal come on and they pull to a complete stop all very sudden. Now there’s on going traffic and, luckily, 6-7 foot shoulder on the right. So as I’m desperately trying to stop 70,000pounds thinking that this is going to be one short road trip I manage to get on the should and slide by with just inches to spare on my left. I wasn’t as upset now about having to stop to clean up the cat as we almost had to do the same for me.  Yes there are idiots on the road, and I’ll leave it at that.

The plan was to pull over in a truck stop or rest area around Green Bay WI for the evening. But after speaking with a friend that we had planned to visit the next day in Sun Prairie just outside Madison WI we decided to push on and camp out front of their place for the night. Got there around 9:45pm, made really good time. Well I thought we did until the wife told be the next day that we were in a different time zone, got back an hour. You don’t even notice these days as cell phone and nav systems all change their time automatically, and I haven’t worn a watch since joining Ottawa Fire Services in ’08.

It was great to catch up with Dan and Sara, our friends in Sun Prairie. Dan and I both worked for Perot Systems and spent a few months working together in Dallas TX in the late 90’s. I hadn’t seen Dan in about 6years and Sara in about 10years. They have two beautiful children Claire and Ellen.

Here’s a pic of all of us out front of their place Sunday morning. I’m the good looking one ;-)


I unloaded the car and left the wife and kids to spend the day with Dan, Sara and their kids while I headed off to Oakdale to setup camp.

Even managed a quick trip at the end of the day to the local Wallymart to pick up a couple nice rib eye steaks and a 6pack for my dinner (and yes there was also some salad).

Today was pretty quiet, worked online for most of it then did so much needed cloths washing. Hopefully my week will get a little more exciting.

Looks like we are attracting lots of people to this site, Hello to you all. I had put this site together for our family and friends but we have had people from all over sign our guestbook and I have several people join me on LinkedIn via here. I can also see that I’m getting a lot of return visits from people all over the US and Canada, even had visits from Japan, Ireland, England, Australia, Russia, South Aficia, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and a few other counties that I don’t presently remember. I’m dame sure people aren’t visiting to read my fantastically grammar’d ramblings, but I’ll continue to ramble on anyway. But not today, I’m done.

And I forgot to write about the "There's going to be a big mess!!" title. In my ranting and raving's to the wife about wanting to get on the road asap (when leaving Sault Ste marie) she, I mean we, forgot to take the contents out of a couple of the cupboards in our kitchen that I have yet to modify to stop the contents from fulling during transit. I remembered this about 5minutes before pulling into Sun Priaire, we had exspected to find one hell of a mess. One that would have the contents of several bottle of asorted cooking oils and cooking spices/salts etc etc. But some how this didn't happen. Luck us!

Here's a couple of pics of us discreatly parked in a nice quiet suburb in Sun Prairie WI. I don't think Dan's neighbours even noticed us...



A couple more pics of some nice Wisconsin country side



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