waiting waiting waiting

The wait is killing me!! Stopped in at Peterbilt yesterday to find out the status on our rig. Turns out we snapped the input shaft which in turn destroyed the clutch. The service guy was pretty sure it’ll be ready for the morning…. Waiting waiting waiting hadn’t heard anything by 1pm so I just called, they are now hoping to get it finished tonight or tomorrow morning….. ahhhhhh I’m scared as to how much this is going to cost us!!!

The plan is to get all packed up tonight, and of course it’s bloody raining. And be ready to try and hit the road bright and early tomorrow morning. I made a couple of camp site booking in Alaska and in both cases we are they for there last week before closing for the season. Really hope it’s not going to be too cold. I’ve given us a week to get up there (remember I need to be stationary during work hours) but I’m going to really try and get there this weekend, if we get Pete back in time.

The wife and kids have been out and about all week, Grande Prairie has a really nice park and a couple of neat places for the kids to hang out. Me I’ve been taking the opportunity to do a few more running repairs, and of course making a few more problems along the way…. I even managed to finally make it to a gym, be it only the once!! I need to get back on track with that.

So of you may have noticed that our route map has changed. I was using Google Maps to map our route as we went, but I’ve hit a limitation and the map wouldn’t show anything after Edmonton. The route map we are using now works and it’s easy to update and publish but unfortunately I can no longer so our actual road route that I was hoping to do.

I really need to do something with the pushpin map, I’m thinking of moving it to the gallery page and making it a link to the different gallery’s (which it sort of does now). I just need to find a nicer solution. I’ll keep looking.

Hopefully I’ll be able update tomorrow with the news that we are back on the blacktop. Check back!

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