Destination suggestions

Here are some of the destinations suggested to us via this site. Thank you to everybody who has contributed, this will most defiantly help us when planning our next route.

If you have a suggestion please go the Contact Us page and let us know what it is!


Submitted by 'Debbie & Eugène' on

"You should revisit Gaspé, this time with Ina, Amy and Lea. The site I recommend is the large field behind my house (you know where that is) and it's free!"

- Debbie!!!! We'll be there... Aiming for May-June'ish 2014. Thanks! Craig.

Submitted by 'Todd Helms' on

"I highly recommend getting to the Smokey Mountain National Park in TN\NC. Some amazing scenery there, especially in the fall when the leaves start to change!"

- thanks Todd, awesome suggestion. I do believe that there is some great riding in that area to! Its on the list now. Craig