Craig's Camp Ground review


Ontario - CANADA


Sault Ste Marie - Thunder Bay


Location: Sault Ste Marie

Camp Ground: KOA Sault Ste Marie


Address: 501 Fifth Line East, Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 6J8 Canada

Phone: (705) 759 2344

Our stay date(s): July 7 - July 13, 2013

Our site #: 4

The following are rated 1 to 10. 1 been terrible, 10 been awesome

Location: 7 (close to everything)

Dust Level: 4 (very fine dust layer on road)

Tree coverage: 8 (our site had nice tree coverage)

Bugs: 5 (The mosquito level wasn't to bad, but they were there)

Staff: 8 (Very nice, helpful and friendly)

Pool: 6 (Clean, but not heated)

Kids Playground: 7 (the Amy rating)

Washroom facilities: 6 (Clean, a little on the aged side)

Wi-Fi: 4 (Usage monitored, easy to trip and left without access. Good coverage)

Gym: N/A

Trash Facilities: 5 (Bit of a hike to dump your trash)

Trash Recycle Facilities: 6 (again, bit of a hike)

Water Pressure: 6

Power: 50amp

Sewer hookups: 0

Comments: Nice place. Very big on the dog side of things. It was a easy in and out of our place. My bad on not realizing when I booked that our site had no sewer hookup, however ot sure we would have fit in any of the sites that did have. Owner was very friendly and helpfull.

Overall rating: 7


Location: Thunder Bay

Camp Ground: Thunder Bay KOA


Address: 162 Spruce River Road, Shuniah, ON P7A 0N6

Phone: (807) 683 6221

Our stay date(s): July 7 - July 12, 2014

Our site #: 152

The following are rated 1 to 10. 1 been terrible, 10 been awesome

Location: 8

Dust Level: 6

Tree coverage: 8

Bugs: 4

Staff: 5

Pool: 7

Kids Playground:

Washroom facilities:

Wi-Fi: 3

Gym: N/A

Trash Facilities: 6

Trash Recycle Facilities: 6

Water Pressure: 7

Power: 50amp

Sewer hookups: 1

Comments: Good location.

Overall rating: 7


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