Craig's Camp Ground review




Location: Virginia Beach

Camp Ground: Holiday Trav-L-Park


Address: 1075 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Our stay date(s):  April 12 - April 25, 2015

Our site #: 320

The following are rated 1 to 10. 1 been terrible, 10 been awesome

Location: 5

Dust Level: 5

Tree coverage: 7

Bugs: 6

Staff: 7

Pool: There's 3, to cold when we were here to use and rate.

Kids Playground: there are several ranging between 2-6

Washroom facilities:

Wi-Fi: 6


Trash Facilities: 8

Trash Recycle Facilities: 0

Water Pressure: 6

Power: 50amp

Sewer hookups: Single

Comments: "HELLO, WHAT!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE CONSTAINT, NONE STOP F/A-18 FIGHTER JETS FLYING OVER HEAD!!!" No peace and quiet here. Seeing these fighter jets is pretty amazing for the first hour or so.... But if you are planning on a stay of more than just a few days it can become a bit much very very fast!! The campground is right next to the 'Naval Air Station Oceana' and depending on which runway they are using each day you could have these very loud fighter jets taking off or coming in for a landing only a few hundred feet directly over your head. Last night they were in and out until around midnight. I tried sitting outside several times while working but had to move back inside because my ears where hurting so much!! Virginia Beach is your typical tourist location, nothing for us. Also spring time when the trees are in pollen s a bad time as everything is covered with the stuff, had to use the hose and rinse the car windscreen before leaving several times as there was so much of the stuff you could almost not see out. The campground itself is not too bad, showing it age a bit (as are some of the RV's you'll see here).

Overall rating: 6


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