Craig's Camp Ground review


Washington - UNITED STATES


Location: Castle Rock

Camp Ground: Toutle River RV Resort


Address: 150 Happy Trails, Castle Rock, Washington, 98611

Phone: (360) 274 8373

Our stay date(s): August 24- September 1, 2014

Our site #: 109

The following are rated 1 to 10. 1 been terrible, 10 been awesome

Location: 7

Dust Level: 7

Tree coverage: 6

Bugs: 7

Staff: 7

Pool: 8

Kids Playground: 6

Washroom facilities: 

Wi-Fi: 6


Trash Facilities: 5.5

Trash Recycle Facilities: 0

Water Pressure: 6

Power: 50

Sewer hookups: Single

Comments: Nice location if site seeing Mt Helens and the surroundings. A little on the loud side as the CG is between Interstate 5 and a railway line, and the trains are running 24x7... it sometimes felt like we were having an earthquake!!! Even set off the alarm on one of my bikes several times! The water is a little on the rusty colour side of things, but thats only looks. The staff are friendly enough.

Overall rating: 7


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