Craig's Camp Ground review




Location: Oakdale

Camp Ground: Oakdale KOA


Address: 200 Jay Street, Oakdale, WI 54649 United States

Phone: (608) 372 5622

Our stay date(s): July 14 - July 26, 2013

Our site #: 3

The following are rated 1 to 10. 1 been terrible, 10 been awesome

Location: 3 (its in the middle of nowhere)

Dust Level: 6 (not bad considering unpaved)

Tree coverage: 4 (our site had no tree coverage)

Bugs: 3 (Lot of mosquitoes and nats)

Staff: 7 (helpful, but not overly friendly)

Pool: 9 (Clean, heated)

Kids Playground: 6 (the Amy rating)

Washroom facilities: never used

Wi-Fi: 4 (Usage monitored, very quick to limit speed after only minimal usage. Good coverage)

Gym: N/A

Trash Facilities: 8 (picked up every morning from site)

Trash Recycle Facilities: 6 (they had, but you needed to take to bins yourself)

Water Pressure: 8

Power: 50

Sewer hookups: 2

Comments: There's nothing around here! Its in the middle of nowhere. It is also located right next to an interstate and a truckstop so always noise. Bugs!!! Nats or those little sewer flys everywhere, and the mosquitoes.... The two main workers there were elderly gentelman that for 98% of the time we were there had that disaproving grumpy old man look everytime you did something.

Overall rating: 7


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