Route Map

This is our route since starting our trip in Ottawa Ontario Canada on July 6, 2013, each dot represents a location where we have overnighted or greater. The dot with the star (if i've updated it) should be our current location.

Trip distance so far: 42,398 miles / 68,233 kilometers by Pete's odometer (updated 13 April, 2015)

Location last updated: 7 May, 2015

The map below is a photo of a map we have hanging on our wall. I update it with the kids everytime we move so they can see where we are - it also covers a patch job from a hole I cut in the wall to fix a leaky bath tub once, shhh Wink.

Map last updated: 13 April, 2015

The Cheesy map..

You see them stuck on RV's all over the place. There is the forever debate about do you only put the sticker on if you have overnighted in that state/provence or if you have driven through or even just visited the state/provence.

Well I don't want any stickers on our trailer so I thought I put it here. One advantage is that here I can distinguish between visit with or without our RV etc etc


Blue = Overnighted in or greater with our RV

Green = Driven in, but not overnighted in with our RV

Yellow = Visited without RV

*Blue trumps green. Green trumps yellow.